Certification Programs

Afri Compliance has developed its own certification programmes to certify the legal technical compliance of businesses in terms of regulatory and statutory requirements.

The Afri Compliance Agricultural Enhancement Products Code is a much sought after annual certification programme presently supported by numerous industries and individual companies in South Africa and in neighbouring SADC countries.

Successful companies receive the Afri Compliance certificate of compliance, which allows them to display the Afri Compliance Mark of Approval on their stationery and advertising material.

The company also focuses on the development and implementation of industry codes of conduct, as well as the auditing of these codes to ensure objectivity and impartiality. Independent auditing ensures the integrity of a code of conduct and also gives credibility to the process.

The Consumer Protection Act puts an obligation on industries to institute a proper Code of Conduct and in this regard Afri Compliance is ideally positioned to assist industries with a total integrated service.

All the audit processes are designed to give a broad perspective on the compliance status of your business, but it is important to note that in the final analysis the business’s legal obligations are still determined by the terms of underlying statutes and applicable law.

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  • Afri Compliance Golf Day
    Posted on 2017-2-16
    SAVE THE DATE! Afri Compliance will be hosting it`s Annual Golf day on 24 May 2016.
    Posted on 2015-2-12
    Afri Compliance Golf Day to be held on 5 August 2015
    Posted on 2012-4-19
    The first home mix feed manufacturer was recently certified by Afri Compliance in terms of their Agricultural Enhancement Products Code. The company Walt Landgoed received their compliance certificate on 14 February 2012 at a presentation ceremony at Walt Landgoed near Settlers.